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Hyundai and BTS Celebrates Earth Day With a New Video ‘For Tomorrow We Won’t Wait’

Hyundai and BTS Celebrates Earth Day With a New Video ‘For Tomorrow We Won’t Wait’

Hyundai and BTS

Hyundai Motor Company and BTS Celebrates Earth Day With a New Video ‘For Tomorrow We Won’t Wait’

Hyundai Motor has collaborated with BTS on its global hydrogen campaign since last year to spread awareness on the importance of sustainable practices and the future of hydrogen as a source of clean energy under the slogan ‘Because of You.’

“Hyundai Motor and BTS have continued to work together to spread the values of sustainability to the world,” said Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor. “The MZ generation’s growing awareness of how their lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions are impacting the environment has led them to seek greener solutions for their daily needs.”

The video shows BTS members taking part in simple eco-friendly activities that can easily be incorporated into everyday routines, in an effort to encourage others to do the same.

Mr. Schemera added: “Hyundai Motor’s response to these environmental concerns is NEXO, a dedicated hydrogen fuel cell SUV. We want to make sustainable modes of transportation like NEXO more accessible to everyone while working alongside BTS to provide positive encouragement to customers around the world.”

BTS members and members of the MZ generation — a term referring to Millennials and Generation Z consumers — participate in activities such as mindfully removing trash from the ocean and off the streets, taking up urban gardening and farming, making sustainable fashion choices, and simply turning lights off to save electricity when leaving a room.

They are featured drinking out of reusable tumblers and living a zero-waste lifestyle, by bringing their own bags and jars while shopping for groceries to reduce the amount of packaging waste.

The video also shows BTS members travelling in the hydrogen fuel cell SUV, NEXO, a vehicle that emits only water and no pollutants. The video concludes with Hyundai Motor’s message, ‘For Tomorrow We Won’t Wait, Because of You’, before ending as the lights are switched off by Spot®, Boston Dynamics’ first commercial robot, which can help industrial firms meet sustainability goals through remote site monitoring and inspection. In December 2020, Hyundai Motor Group and SoftBank Group Corp. concurred on the main terms of an agreement in which Hyundai Motor Group will acquire a controlling interest in Boston Dynamics.