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Aaron Sand Reveals a New Stunning Single “Still Here (For Dad)”

Aaron Sand Reveals a New Stunning Single “Still Here (For Dad)”

Aaron Sand

As an emerging and upcoming artist, Aaron Sand is a one of a kind talent from whom you never know what to expect.

Over his music career, he has released his singles “Body On Mine”, and “Funhouse Games”, and his debut album “Introspection”.

The rising artist brings us his new single with great vocals from the rising star featured along with the right production for this new single.

The new single “Still Here (For Dad)” from the rising star brings us an emotional and powerful song that Aaron wrote about his father who passed in the 9/11 terror attacks. 

Aaron says about the new single, “The song is called “Still Here (For Dad)” and it’s about how much I miss him, how the attacks and losing him affected me, how I know I have to keep going and living life for him, because he wouldn’t want me to wallow in sadness, and because I can’t let his death be in vein, and it ends by talking about how I hope I’m making him proud, and how deep down, I know he’s still here in spirit smiling down on me.”

Aaron Sand - Still Here (For Dad)
Aaron Sand – Still Here (For Dad)

Aaron shows us a much more vulnerable side of him with this deeply raw and personal track that was written for his father whom he lost in the 9/11 terror attacks. 

Aaron says that 50% of the proceeds from the song will be going towards helping reopen the 9/11 Tribute Center which just closed down due to financial hardship. 

Earlier this week, we have featured Aaron Sand in our rising stars spotlight feature, with an exclusive interview on Out Now, read the full interview – Here

With a strong fanbase, Aaron Sand is marking himself as one of the next artists to watch for 2022.