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Dead Chic Reveals a New Debut EP “The Venus Ballroom”

Dead Chic Reveals a New Debut EP “The Venus Ballroom”

Dead Chic

DEAD CHIC, The Franco-English Rock and Roll group debuted in 2022 with their first single « Too Far Gone » Together they have forged a sound which could be described as a dark ceremony within a duke joint, at the foothills of a fuzzy Morricone landscape. 

The four-piece ensemble compromising of Andy Balcon (Heymoonshaker), Damien Félix (Catfish & Bigger), Mathis Akengin (Emea) Remi Ferbus (Kimberose & Mika) spared no time in releasing a follow-up live session EP, «The Bastion Session». Quickly gaining attention amongst their peers, they opened for the Levitation Festival Fr (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pond, Kikagaku Moyo) & Cognac Blues Festival (Ben Harper, Marcus King, Liam Gallagher) to name a few. As seasoned Musicians through and through, having toured the world extensively with their previous endeavors, Dead Chic return in 2023 with «The Venus Ballroom»

• Andy Balcon, from Wakefield, toured the world over with the duo Heymoonshaker. Appearing at emblematic festivals such as Glastonbury, Womad, Rock in Rio, Osigiri Jam, and Made in America. Over the years he has accumulated an impressive number of followers in the public, as well as on the networks, boasting 77+ million cumulative views on Youtube. 

• The second, Damien Félix, Performed and produced the French Rock/Blues band Catfish, a group with which he performed on some of the biggest stages in Europe, Asia and Latin America (Rock Al Parque, Monsoon Festival, Provincia Emergente, Les Eurockéennes…). He is also a founding member of Bigger, where he honed his production skills alongside Jim Spencer (New Order, The Charlatans) and Larry Mullins (Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). 

It was during tours with their respective groups that Andy and Damien met a few years ago, crossing paths regularly on the road and meeting backstage to discuss music, Art, and a hypothetical collaboration. A few years pass without them meeting again. In the fall of 2020, their paths crossed with a stepping stone collaboration to be featured in Rolling Stone (Fr). The idea of working together then becomes serious and after a few exchanges the single «Too Far Gone» arrives. DEAD CHIC was born. They were then joined by Rémi Ferbus on drums (Kimberose, Mélissa Laveaux…), after a previous collaboration with Andy on his 5-star Rolling Stone reviewed EP « Who Am I ? » ; Mathis Akengin on keyboards, an accomplice of Damien in Catfish then took to the ivories. Over the years, through tours and travels, the musicians have digested their influences, nurtured their culture and affirmed their personalities. The combination of the 4 instantly sparks. 

In April 2022 they recorded their first studio EP “The Venus Ballroom”at the mythical Black Box Studio, under the guidance of Peter Deimel (Anna Calvi, The Kills, Last Shadow Puppets). Four days of intense takes, recorded on tape, to pay tribute to the group’s live power. Mixed by Flavien Van Landuyt, this first studio EP, to be released on March 24th, delivers six tracks charged with fervor and emotion, a real panorama with rich songwriting and production that is both rough and refined. After a first round of concerts in France in 2022, the group will present “The Venus Ballroom” live with an international tour in 2023. 

Opening the song with colossal minor chords, Dead Chic pull back the curtain on another side of their songwriting expertise. Lead by Félix’s driven guitar tone the listener is propelled into an upbeat Soul groove of rhythmic piano and punctuative horn stabs. As the listener follows the dramatic narrative of Balcon’s lyrics, the band exercise their ability to take an already massive chorus to another peak as they crescendo in an orgy of brass and electric guitar. 

Capturing the essence of the live experience Belly of The Jungle arouses the sensation of a carrousel in which the listener folly’s to the almost rupturing Farfiza as it churns the guts of the Lesley cabinet. Breaking the trance with intervals of lunacy and speculation Balcon summons the chaos of Akengin’s ivory play against the order of Ferbus’s percussive mastery as it drives the track and finally succumbs to a brooding mass. Something Bacchus would delight in. 


In a dark carnival procession, Dead Chic juggle between English and French aboard a programmed drum beat that ruptures finally to the hard-hitting snare of Ferbus and the discordant scream of Félix’s guitar. During the evolution of this song, Balcon felt the preservation of Damien’s poetry against his own interpretation allowed the audience to paint a picture of this visceral romance. 

EL MALECÓN punctuates “The Venus Ballroom”. It’s a musical parenthesis that shows the group’s ability to create soundscapes, evocative tracks that let drift the imagination above the great outdoors, preparing us for the rest of the journey. 


With a Percussive rhythm and an elaborate scene set with its lyrics Ballad Of Another Man scores the ramblings of a life well lived. A fitful serenade of Dick Dale like guitar lines in a mescal reverb chamber. Heavy hitting drums with intricate trills that flourish against iconic piano lines familiar to something that your hips moved too before. Don’t forget your fedora as you leave the bar. 

GOOD GOD With its intimate opening chords to its exhilarating summit, Balcon takes the listener on a journey into a truly emotive landscape. Profiting from Akengin’s Brass arrangement and heartfelt honest vocals, Good God is the perfect showcase of the dynamic of the band’s ability.