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Kaurna Cronin Unleash a New Dreamy Single “Our Way”

Kaurna Cronin Unleash a New Dreamy Single “Our Way”

Kaurna Cronin

Kaurna Cronin journeys across borders with a deep swag full of discography to pull from, including the renowned 2015 album ‘Glass Fool’, his latest album ‘Aloft In Blue’ and his most recent single, last year’s ‘Unknown’

In the new single ‘Our Way’ soars with an orchestral folk-rock power, opening with transportive electric guitar notes floating above soothing guitar melodies. Cronin’s reassuring vocals move confidently through the verse, evolving in the chorus as percussion builds to a triumphant pace, illuminated by the weightless grandeur of the strings high above.

Possessing a voice as warm as a rugged embrace, the colourful spirit of a natural-born storyteller and a heart that beats steady with a folk-rock rhythm, multi-award winning singer-songwriter Kaurna Cronin is unveiling his first release for the year, new single ‘Our Way’ (out March 18) and accompanying music video.

Evolving its relationship with the listener, the song carries a dramatic dynamism, revealing a flying instrumental breakdown at its peak, with pulsing strings, spacious riffs and a decadent harmonica solo, bringing a sweeping promise of belonging and an almost tangible feeling of hopeful anticipation.

Kaurna Cronin - Our Way
Kaurna Cronin – Our Way

He shares, “I was inspired by that fluttering sense of euphoria and sublime invincibility which comes hand in hand with new love and new connection and its ability to move us to new heights. The song is dramatically dynamic, portraying a full spectrum of emotions that combines a weighted sense of belonging, depth and connection, whilst also providing a contrast with orchestrated moments of weightlessness, as an invitation into the sublime or to soar above all else.”

With his aptitude for intelligent and heartfelt lyricism, Kaurna Cronin wrote ‘Our Way’ as a dedication to two German fans who requested a song for their space-themed wedding, evoking a gravity-defying sense of love and connection through his sonic storytelling.