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Dylan Fuentes Join Forces With Daramola On a New Epic Single ‘Arena’

Dylan Fuentes Join Forces With Daramola On a New Epic Single ‘Arena’

Dylan Fuentes and Daramola

Colombian global star Dylan Fuentes teams up with Nigerian artist Daramola on a new hot single “Arena

In the new single “ARENA,” Fuentes and Daramola wanted to highlight the richness of their respective Colombian and Nigerian cultures with music that served as a bridge between two cultures and continents in a singular and unprecedented sound.

The EP will further demonstrate the impact the tracks “Felicia” and “Báilame En Los Besos” have already established as well as illustrate the similarities that both cultures possess when it comes to making truly poignant music that resonates with a global audience. With the new songs Otra VezSe Me OlvidoWahala and Designer, fans of both Fuentes and Daramola will be able to enjoy music and rhythms that are faithful to their roots. 

Dylan Fuentes says, “The message I want to convey is that this type of music, and where it comes from, comes from the most vulnerable of places. The people who come from this world of Afrobeat, the Caribbean, the Champeta, and their roots, come from vulnerable places. Literally from sand, from the streets, from the beach,” 

Dylan Fuentes X Daramola - Arena
Dylan Fuentes X Daramola – Arena

The release of the EP, which is the perfect melding between Afrobeat and Latin music, follows in the footsteps of both hit tracks “Felicia” and “Báilame En Los Besos.” The EP is available to stream on all digital platforms today.

Daramola shares, “We came together to create something that’s never been done before: two different cultures blended together in perfect harmony to create the soundtrack to our lives in different languages, vibes, emotions, laughter, joy, pain, all the above,”

Fuentes and Daramola teamed up with acclaimed Venezuelan singer-songwriter Danny Ocean to bring to life the hit track “Báilame En Los Besos.” Since the song’s release, it has amassed over 3 million combined streams. “Felicia,” the first song off of the EP released by the duo, has also experienced much success and garnered over 3 million combined global streams. Throughout “ARENA,” the global audience will witness how Fuentes’ smooth flow and tonality tie in perfectly with Daramola’s catchy beats in an extraordinary and unparalleled way. “ARENA” promises to become the soundtrack of Summer 2021.