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María Isabel Drops New Single “No Soy Para Ti”

María Isabel Drops New Single “No Soy Para Ti”

María Isabel

María Isabel is back with a new latin song “No soy para ti” featured along with an official music video

The song follows her two-track release earlier this year consisting of “Buy Your Own Flowers” and “Love song,” which María performed in a COLORS session in partnership with Burberry last month, and marks her continued evolution as a songwriter and performer which she first showcased on her debut EP, Stuck in the Sky, released last year.

Directed by Alfred Marroquin, the video finds María returning home to New York, and coming to the realization that her own self-love and appreciation is stronger than any connection she could find with someone else.

Her voice voice and lyrics are refreshingly vulnerable and intimate, masterfully capturing emotion in both English and Spanish across her songs. As a lifelong poet, María bares her passions, struggles and experiences through her songs, which often begin as poems – exploring topics such as mental health, family history, her Dominican-American heritage and relationships – serving as the foundation of her development as a singer-songwriter.

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