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MADJO Returns With a New Single “Women”

MADJO Returns With a New Single “Women”


Hailing from the Swiss Alps, MADJO brings us a stunning new track honoring the sacred feminine, ‘Women’. Having accumulated several million streams the past few years alone, outstanding reviews from ELLE, Sens Critique, RocknFool, & more, played on radio stations around the world, landed in the series ‘The Innocents’, as well as Disney’s ‘Good Trouble’, it’s safe to say that MADJO’s brilliant light is ready to shine far and wide.

Her latest single, ‘Women’, off her upcoming album, ‘Rebellion’, invites us into the goddess circle, the honoring of mother, daughter, sister, humanity, strength, loss, beauty, integrity, and love. The song was originally inspired by Maya Angelou’s ‘Letter to My Daughter’, and came from a deep desire to speak about women, their lineages, differences, and legacies. The music video, directed by Mai Hua (‘Les Rivières’, ‘Make Me A Man’), follows a group of women in an unchoreographed moment together of unbound self expression and joy. Mothers and daughters of all ages, joining together to illuminate and honor the strength that emanates from them all.

MADJO: Madjo is a French-Swiss Senegalese singer songwriter and musician who lived in Brighton, Paris, and Montreal, before returning to put her roots down in the Alps. Over her three albums (“Trapdoor” in 2010, “Invisible World” in 2015, and “Rebellion” releasing in 2024), Madjo has continually reinvented herself by creating an exploratory pop sound that is both warm and lively, as well as intimate, and mixed with indie-rock, soul, folk, and electronic sounds.

Her magnetic voice, her spicy fullness, the alchemy of the feminine and masculine, and her stage presence, are the reflection of sensibility and harmony in a spirited inner world and the nature that surrounds her.

Her latest album “Rebellion”, scheduled for release in 2024, marks a new stage in her life as an artist and world citizen. Madjo sings about the other side, the living, and what connects us to the world. In an organic opus, sound after sound, loop after loop, she plays with colors and vibrations that represent our daily lives both infantile and reborn. Courage to face the elements. To write in movement. To become.

It all began during this journey, using a mobile studio and moving from city to city, from land to land, on a quest with Julien Bar, her long-time partner and sound virtuoso, and husband and father of her children. In 2016, Montreal and Brighton. 2017, Annecy, the motherland, then finally the Bauges where the last songs on the album were created. Composed from a world in metamorphosis, “Rebellion” the album is the engaged reflection of a necessary awareness of our fragility.

We see this notion in particular with tracks “Women” and “Identity”, pieces created during her time in the Bauges and which have a unique caricature thanks to Belgian directors and producers Romain Descampe and Ziggy Franzen (Puggy).

“Enfant Sauvage”, is of a more acoustic and purified color, and was composed after reading Jean Hegland’s novel “Dans La Forêt”.

“Refugees”, a stunning collaboration with singer-songwriter Mai Lan. The album closes with “Prophecy”, the point of death and rebirth. Among her sacred mountainous lands, Madjo celebrates nature and life.