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ADELINE Releases Her New Debut EP ‘Like It That Way’

ADELINE Releases Her New Debut EP ‘Like It That Way’


French-native singer-songwriter ADELINE releases her debut EP ‘Like It That Way’ on the 9th September 2022. The EP is filled with infectious melodies and classic pop hooks, her style is described as pop with a touch of folk and soul.

“Like It That Way” is the title track to the upbeat and vibrant EP. The “modern electro-pop production” is new to her palette, demonstrating her fresh sonic direction. The song’s profound messaging regarding “our individual power to choose positivity, love and happiness despite our external circumstances”, is anchored by her “icy cold but sparkling” music video. ADELINE eloquently balances the lighthearted and joyful musicality of the song, with an underlying profound and touching message.

“Indeed, we have the incredible power to choose and nurture the thoughts in our mind and although it is a challenge, it is particularly important to ensure these thoughts and our words are elevating us, as well as the people around us, and constantly bringing us to be a better version of ourselves.”

Her multicultural background, being raised in Tokyo, Geneva, Singapore, Copenhagen, and Montreal, is a foundational part of her identity and explains why she is constantly drawn to variety and experimentation in her creative process. Born from classical musician parents, the songstress was exposed to music at an early age learning the flute, piano, voice, and the acoustic guitar. She sang in several choirs, before moving to solo performances in her teens for various musical events, conferences and theatre performances and exploring songwriting by the age of thirteen.

The EP, including contributions from renowned Montreal producers, Chris Vincent (Busty and the Bass), Lucas Liberatore (Planet Studios) and Bobby John (Serena Rider, Bobby Bazini, Olivier Dion), explores themes of self-love, empowerment, loss, love, celebration and mental health.

ADELINE shares, “This EP has a bright and vibrant sound. As my first cohesive piece, I wanted it to best represent where I’m at as an artist and what I stand for. Hence, this collection is colourful, empowering & celebratory! My title track “Like it that way” is very dear to me, as it speaks about mental health and our daily battle to choose positivity, love & joy internally, regardless of what our external circumstances may look like. I think this message is crucial and timely, and it’s incredibly special to me, to leverage pop music in order to bring an empowering & uplifting message.”