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Beth McCarthy Shares a New Single ‘No Hard Feelings’

Beth McCarthy Shares a New Single ‘No Hard Feelings’

Beth McCarthy

While break-ups are often characterised in pop culture as hurtful and bitter, ‘No Hard Feelings’ instead navigates the many conflicting emotions that come with the breakdown of a relationship which has simply run its course.

Beth’s candid view of love and life is a refreshing addition to the pop scene, with the new track featuring an impassioned and honest hook that is sure to capture the hearts of all who listen.

Beth’s raw and emotional vocals and delicate harmonies are a beautiful juxtaposition to the melodic, plucky synths and waves of lo-fi bass that come and go throughout the track, building up to an explosive ending that will linger long after the track ends.

The accompanying video candidly shows Beth McCarthy preparing for and executing a live performance, with her down-to-earth nature and lovable personality shining through from every angle as she takes to the stage to do what she does best.

Talking about the new track, Beth reveals: “Everyone has a song that got them through their worst break-up, usually one about how much the person hurt them or being ‘better off’ without them but my most painful break-up was completely civil and I never felt like there was a song for that. I didn’t hate the person, I still had love for them, we just weren’t right for each other and despite there being no hard feelings between us, the feelings were still really hard to deal with.”

“I wanted this song to be the title track of the EP because of the clear irony that a collection of bitter break-up songs would be called ‘No Hard Feelings’. To me, it’s almost like each song is a snapshot of a different break-up and the lyric ‘feelings are hard’ from ‘No Hard Feelings’ is ultimately what ties them all together.”

Elaborating on the artwork, Beth shares: “The torn up pieces of the artwork stuck back together again continues this theme of fragmented emotions that are all out of place and difficult to figure out. All these different emotions are what make us human! So when they’re unsettled it can feel like you’re a broken version of yourself.”

Beth McCarthy had an exceptional 2021, accumulating over 9.5 million streams on the three singles she released last year. With huge followings on both TikTok and Instagram,  Beth has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans all over the globe. A firm favourite of the Spotify Editorial team, Beth has had her tracks placed on playlists including ‘Sad Bops’, ‘Songs to Cry to’, ‘Sad Songs for Girls’ and the coveted ‘New Music Friday’ and supported Pop songstress Sigrid.