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Donel Returns With New Debut EP ‘African Boy Pt. 1’

Donel Returns With New Debut EP ‘African Boy Pt. 1’


The Zimbabwean UK rising star Donel goes for his hot debut EP ‘African Boy Pt. 1‘ on Artistry Records/Warner Records.

The 19-year-old former The Voice UK favorite is reintroducing himself with a unique blend of airy Afrobeats production and sticky pop hooks.

Donel’s warm vocals transport you to a block party in summer, dancing with friends and family. The vibrant string-plucks and the positivity of “Motion” offer a jolt of energy that’ll brighten your day. And on the suave “Savage,” his playboy persona takes over. “I wanna know where we can rendezvous / Don’t believe what them boys’ sayin’, I got what you need,” he teases over the rumbling drums. 

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DONEL – African Boy, Pt. 1

In the video for “Motion,” Donel moves through an average day in his hometown with a smile on his face and a skip in his step, literally dancing his troubles away. The young crooner displays a swag and sensibility that’s utterly captivating and extremely entertaining.

It’s no wonder Prince Harry (among Donel’s many early followers) dubbed Donel a “star of the future” way back in 2018. And it doesn’t take long to feel just how heart-melting his vocals are. With more music on the way soon, African Boy Pt. 1 is just the first chapter of a thrilling story.