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Harper Finn Bring Us a New Official Video For ‘She Said’

Harper Finn Bring Us a New Official Video For ‘She Said’

Harper Finn

New Zealand rising pop star Harper Finn reveals his brand new official video for ‘She Said‘ Directed by James K Lowe

The new official video for ‘She Said’ was directed by James K Lowe and Nicole Miller Wong, who Harper also worked with on his previous video “Dance Away These Days,” the video was inspired by imagining all the places could be instead and feeling trapped in your present self/situation.

The single features Harper Finn alongside dancer Celina Torres. The talented duo learned the danced in reverse, then put the footage in reverse so it would show the dance as intended, with a quirky twist.

Harper Finn’s single “She Said” is a pop-song paradox, sounds a gently cautionary note whilst releasing us into the freedom of an elegant melody and Harper’s beguiling voice. On the one hand we are warned, on the other utterly seduced. The tension between these two opposites seems a perfect encapsulation of a world in stasis.

Kicking off last week at the Ngaio Marsh Theatre in Christchurch on May 6, Harper is taking his impressive live show to Starter’s Bar in Dunedin and Meow in Wellington before wrapping up at Auckland’s Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen on May 15.