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Ina Wroldsen Releases a New Stunning EP “Matters of the Mind”

Ina Wroldsen Releases a New Stunning EP “Matters of the Mind”

Ina Wroldsen 

Norwegian rising global popstar Ina Wroldsen shares her brand new EP “Matters Of The Mind

Her notable success is cemented not just in her distinctive voice, commanding presence or musicality, but in how her open-hearted, raw and honest lyrics connect with the listener. Her ability to see people, turning the small and intimate into something universal, or that which seems overwhelming and remote into something personal and comprehensible, makes for sensational lyrics that give unexpected depth to catchy dance tracks and create powerful anthems of strength for times of hardship and heartbreak. 

After a somewhat unexpected hiatus, Ina decided to release a selection of songs that have great meaning to her, creating the Matters Of The Mind EP, out via Sony Music Norway.

We Are Gonna Live” was inspired by a comment by her mother and cowritten with legendary songwriter Steve Mac who Ina works with on a regular basis. Both mentors of sorts have helped her in their own ways find and trust her distinctive style as a songwriter and as an artist. The song is a reminder that life cannot be put on hold for when you’ve found your purpose because some day we will all die, but on all the others, we are going to live.

Even when things are really difficult, we find ways to power or struggle through. Ina herself describes “Matters” as the most honest song she has ever written… and the darkest. It was created with Mike Elizondo in Nashville at the end of 2019, a year where Ina was feeling the strain of juggling her career as a songwriter and touring solo artist, with also being a mother, partner, daughter and friend… a time when she feared she had lost her creative spark for good.

However, the spark remained and created a fire… or, rather, “Fires,” a song about parenthood. Cowritten with Edvard Erfjord, “Fires” was inspired by the recurring, sometimes overwhelming, realization that your child isn’t a gift you keep but one you only have on loan. 

Ina Wroldsen - Matters of the mind
Ina Wroldsen – Matters of the mind

And finally, “More,” which is just that… more of everything – the power, the passion and the conviction that you have found the love of your life… a love that leaves you breathless and always wanting more.

She has worked hard with an enviable focus in order to get where she is today. Ina has taken control over what can be controlled, but when it comes to the rest, she tries to enjoy the good stuff and ride out the bad. She uses her songwriting to help not just herself, but also her listeners, navigate through the ups and downs of life to get some semblance of order in those ever-present matters of the mind.

Wroldsen has just wrapped up as a mentor on this season’s Norwegian edition of The Voice with the finale fortuitously coinciding with the release of her Matters of the Mind EP. But even if her list of merits is impressive, she’s isn’t one to be motivated by streaming numbers, chart toppers or awards saying, “It’s not about writing a hit, but telling a story, expressing something true through the lyrics and the melody.”

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