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Isabella Lovestory Takes Us on a Ride in New Single “Vuelta”

Isabella Lovestory Takes Us on a Ride in New Single “Vuelta”

Isabella Lovestory

Pop star on the rise Isabella Lovestory reveals her brand new powerful single “Vuelta” featured along with a music video.

The new brilliant single “Vuelta” is featured along with a self-directed by Lovestory herself, the video is three minutes of unadulterated car rides and sets that capture Lovestory in an infectious and dizzying lament about a tumultuous lover.

Isabella shares: “Vuelta, (meaning ‘a spin’ or ‘returning’ in spanish), is about the spiraling and twirling feeling of desire and love. The song talks about my hair touching my crush’s face as I twirl in front of him, spinning the bottle, spinning inside a car. Running after love then running away from it.”

Co-produced by Chicken and Lecx Stacy, the song is her second taste of new music following “Alo,”, and arrives after her Remix Mixtape released earlier this year.

Isabella’s songs are stories of love, sex, life, and rage, ecstasy, and humor in it all. “Love can be nasty and violent, it’s not always a sugary fairytale. Sex is liberating and the most primal creative expression, but this same feeling can be found in other sides of life, not everything sexy is about sex. Desire vs. freedom. Parallels and unusual dichotomies, poetry in lust. Expressing sins is healing.”

Contemporary reggaeton and urbano music can sometimes lose sight of the energy and raw attitude that defined its origins, and Isabella aims to encapsulate much of the genre’s initial experimental impulses by utilizing harsh drums and singsong melodies, while rewriting the lyrical narrative with honest, but playful lyrics told through a popstar’s gaze. Isabella isn’t interested in the sleek continental aesthetics of many of her contemporary reggaeton peers. Instead, her version is raunchy, and free in both its production and delivery. Extreme in its own way.