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Jenem Brings Us a New Hot Single “Why Do You Love Me”

Jenem Brings Us a New Hot Single “Why Do You Love Me”


Jenem shows off her pop prowess with her chart-worthy new track ‘Why Do You Love Me’. Her stunning laidback vocals and addictive pop melodies, in combination with stellar production, make for an instant pop classic that is sure to send the singer-songwriter and her candid lyrics into the stratosphere.

Talking about the new track, Jenem shares: “I wrote Why Do You Love Me around 6 months into a great relationship. Whilst I knew I’d truly fallen for my partner, I felt like I love you, those 3 classic words, didn’t really say much. Beginning with a guitar and a voice note in my bedroom, I wanted to capture that sentiment with a big pop chorus that makes you want to dance and, with some help along the way from producer Matt Wills, here’s how it ended up! “

Jenem - Why Do You Love Me
Jenem – Why Do You Love Me

Big catchy pop choruses best define singer songwriter Jenem. With 2021 seeing her focus on recording new music, this year she is set to release a 4 track EP, perform at festivals including Camp Bestival and Secret Sessions, and play numerous live gigs, including a grassroots Europe tour.