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KALA CHNG Releases a Brand New Album “STAR”

KALA CHNG Releases a Brand New Album “STAR”


In the new album, KALA CHNG blends organic, oriental sounds and cinematic soundscapes with beats and melodies that pull from a multitude of genres, giving each track its own distinct flavour. From the gritty and punchy new single ‘BLIND’ to the energising pop anthem ‘Faded’, KALA CHNG proves that her music can’t be put in a box.

Bristol artist KALA CHNG shares her eclectic new album ‘STAR’, a myriad of reflections and observations over the shift in relationships and life during the pandemic, explored through her uplifting pop sound.

Speaking about the new album, KALA CHNG shares: “The theme of the album is; We are all stardust, we are all stars, we are all connected. It’s a message of love, hope, joy, forgiveness, community and possibilities, that I wrote over the last two years. Each song is from a different moment in those 2 years, listening to and witnessing the world around me.” 

On ‘BLIND’, KALA CHNG reveals: “This song is about the coming down of the Colston statue and the ripple effects. During the moments that followed, we removed friends on facebook and in real life. Did we sort out any misunderstandings after?”

KALA CHNG is a half-Chinese British Pop music artist from Knowle West, Bristol, UK. KALA creates an original blend of Pop with a Chinese twist. 

Referred to as reminiscent of ‘Kate Bush vibes’ and ‘like a Chinese Lady Gaga’, she’s also one of Bristol’s voted Happiness Champions, a named Culture Ambassador, was on the Bristol Cool List 2021 and known in the city for her creative, community and cultural work.

4 EPs and 5 albums in (some under previous name Makala Cheung), her singles have featured on stations across the globe, and her radio play to date includes  various BBC Radio (1Xtra, 6, 5 and Introducing in the West and more). She has headlined festivals in the South West and performed in Trafalgar Square London.