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KILLBOY Returns With a New Single “CORY WIT THA GF”

KILLBOY Returns With a New Single “CORY WIT THA GF”


Hot on heels with her latest single “F*CK YO FRIENDS”, Alt-pop singer KILLBOY Unveils a Brand New Single “CORY WIT THA GF

With co-director credits alongside Hayley Bowman (credits), KILLBOY brings diabolical daydream doodles to life in the official visual – which turns into a nightmare for Cory and tha GF.

She shares, “Nobody ever writes a good cheater song from the evil homewrecker villain’s point of view, so I did.”

KILLBOY kicked off 2021 with the intergalactic space breakup anthem “U + ME” and kicked Jaden Fenix Forte of a planet in its official video.

She initially gained recognition for the bedroom-produced single “WHEREDAFUCC” in December 2019. 2020 followed with “HIGH ON MY OWN SUPPLY,” “JUST ME,” “666” and “THATS OK I’LL JUST FUCK MYSELF.”

2021 sees KILLBOY releasing a steady stream of singles starting with “U + ME” (sprinkled with (fan-proclaimed) “gay space magic”), “FUCK YO FRIENDS” and “CORY WITH THA GF.”