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Tam Alawa Unleash a New Dreamy Single “What I’m Made Of”

Tam Alawa Unleash a New Dreamy Single “What I’m Made Of”

Tam Alawa

Known for crafting magical and serene atmospheres with her piano-laden melodies and soaring string arrangements, Tam’s soft, yet powerful vocals burst with emotion. 

Tam Alawa is a London-based singer and songwriter. Having moved to Singapore at just three years old, she moved back to London to study at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Her music is inspired by a range of emotions and personal events, writing about themes including love, loss, independence and self-love. Using music as a way to process and capture events and memories, her songs are like sonic journal entries, with each track giving listeners a glimpse into some of her most vulnerable moments.

The songwriter shares, “I feel like a lot of us try to suppress or simplify the way we are feeling. I hope my music sheds light on the fact that feelings are more complex than we think and that it’s okay to feel a lot of different emotions in the same time-frame.” 

Inspired by a range of artists and genres, Tam refuses to put herself in a box as an artist. Blending both electronic and acoustic elements, her sound is driven by raw emotion, reminiscent of the likes of Halsey. Simple yet compelling, her stunning dynamic delivery tugs on your heartstrings, while her relatable lyrics provide a “we’re all in this together” feeling.

Tam Alawa has had the privilege of performing at some of London’s renowned venues and has garnered over 90K streams for her music to date. With a slew of singles set for release in 2022, this young singer/songwriter is set to capture the attention of listeners across the globe. 

“‘What I’m Made Of’ is a song about self-empowerment. The song circles around the idea of not having to prove anything to others when you’re already strong inside.”