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Vivi Hu Releases Her Brand New Single ‘Vivi, Hu?’

Vivi Hu Releases Her Brand New Single ‘Vivi, Hu?’

Vivi Hu

Having featured in All About Jazz, Sino Vision, Sino TV and BronxNet TVVivi Hu now brings us a gentle tale and heartfelt reminder about the importance of staying true to oneself. This song paints a picture of how she found the confidence to be herself and make a difference, despite what others think. The lyrics are inspired by Vivi’s Chinese first name “雪薇(Xuewei), meaning “snow” and ”rose.” 

The song talks about how she began to understand who she is, how to embrace herself, and made a choice to be herself, regardless of other people’s opinions. To blossom wherever she is, even in the snow, even when people doubted her.

With beats reminiscent of Lofi and bedroom pop, Hu brings us on a lyrical and sensually smooth journey through language and emotion. ‘Vivi Hu’ is sure to be your next most played song as you stare out the window watching falling snow or rain and sipping on something warm and sweet.