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Kevin Gates Goes For a New Hot Single ‘Plug Daughter 2’

Kevin Gates Goes For a New Hot Single ‘Plug Daughter 2’

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates returns with a new massive single ‘Plug Daughter 2‘ featured along with an official music video

The new release from Kevin Gates ‘Plug Daughter 2’ arrives with an official video, filmed in Puerto Rico, fitting to the cartel-esque nature of the new record.

Upon its release, Kevin detailed the underlying meaning behind “Power,” as identifying one’s weakness, “by admitting what it is that has power over you, thus allowing it to become one of your greatest strengths.” “Power” was preceded by “Weeks,” with a charming companion video now approaching 9 million views on Kevin’s official YouTube channel

In the last 10 weeks, Kevin’s 2018 RIAA-certified platinum track “Me Too” has been used in over 1.8M TikToks. In fact, popular influencer Charlie D’amelio used the song in a TikTok that received well over 5.5M likes. In addition, last month, Kevin celebrated the 5th anniversary of his multi-platinum debut album, “Islah,” which has reached over 3 billion streams worldwide. With new releases like “Plug Daughter 2,” Kevin continues to solidify himself as a star in the rap game.