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Faouzia Is Making Huge Moves In The Pop Scene With New Releases.

Faouzia Is Making Huge Moves In The Pop Scene With New Releases.


With over 400 MILLION streams worldwide, the 20-year-old Rising Canadian/Moroccan singer Faouzia shares about her music career and the story behind the new single ‘Hero

Tell us about your latest single ‘Hero’, how was it working on it, and what is the story behind it

Working on this song was so much fun. It felt like my personality was really present in the video! My favorite part was definitely the makeup/hair looks that were in the video and creating multiple worlds for each one. This song is about making sure those around you are adding positivity to your life and making sure they’re there for you at the end of the day but also knowing that if that isn’t the case, you’ll be fine on your own.

Has COVID changed you as a musician or how you approach your creative process? Have you learned anything new about yourself during quarantine

During COVID, I’ve learned how to be an artist through any circumstance that may be thrown my way. I’ve spent the whole year writing at home but was still able to share it with my fans through videos and streaming. Although the live performance component was missing, it didn’t fully feel that was since I was able to “perform” these songs online and receive a live reaction through comments, tweets, etc. I learned that I’m quite introverted and can benefit from being alone at times because it allows me to fully focus on my music. 

Tell us something that people do not know about you

I don’t think many people know that I like being alone, whether it’s working on music alone or just sitting in silence haha! Life can get pretty hectic and whenever I can be by myself, I take that chance! 

Photo by – Jimmy Fontaine

What inspired your single ‘Minefields’ and what message do you hope that fans take from this song?

It has felt like this past year, so many people (including myself) were away from their loved ones in one way or another. This song is about wanting to do anything or risk anything to be with, or near the ones you love. I hope that my fans take away a feeling of togetherness in this feeling that can be so lonely.

Some claim that COVID has given other proportions about our lives, has the plague affected you in terms of creativity? Did you find yourself more time for writing and creating?

I was definitely writing more since I got to write and create everyday. At times, it was hard to find inspiration since the days seemed to repeat themselves and there wasn’t much happening in my life. I got to pull inspiration from others or stories from my past instead. 

Photo by – Jimmy Fontaine

Can you share any upcoming plans with us?

The songs I have coming out next feel true to me and my project. I’m excited for everyone to hear this sound that I feel so deeply.

Where will we find you in 10 years? We’d love to hear some of your aspirations, dreams, and goals that you have

I hope to have many albums out and have shared this music through live performances with fans across the world. I’d also love to dive into beauty and fashion. After all is said and done, I’d love to start my family as well and continue to help others in music and watch their careers blossom.

You and many of the artists share their daily lives on social media, how important is exposure and connection to the audience for you?

I think it’s the most important part. Having people to share the music with is what so many artists look forward to. It’s really cool that you can share it almost instantaneously with the internet. 

Photo by – Jimmy Fontaine

From all the singles you’ve released so far, which one still makes you excited every time you hear it?

Tears of Gold (Stripped!)

Without a doubt you are very creative, how involved are you in the whole process of creating the music videos and production of your songs?

I’m very involved! I write every day and give production notes once the writing is finished. I write out the starts of treatments and create mood boards for videos and outfits. I wanna be involved in anything I possibly can to make sure that my vision as an artist really shines through.