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Aqua Season Returns To Six Senses Laamu with Surf, Turtle Hatchlings, and Visiting Experts

Aqua Season Returns To Six Senses Laamu with Surf, Turtle Hatchlings, and Visiting Experts

Six Senses Laamu

Aqua Season is getting back to Six Senses Laamu with the perfect Surf, Turtle Hatchlings, and Visiting Experts experience.

“From the sheltered lagoons where we provide beginner lessons, to Yin Yang, our most famous wave just minutes away, we’re lucky to have the perfect conditions for any surfer,” say Tropicsurf Base leaders, Hamish and Holly, as they look forward to the Aqua Season in Laamu.

Six Senses Spa Laamu is relaunching its range of therapeutic surf massages to help actively relieve muscle tension after a day on the board. This June, visiting practitioner Napath Theechanthuek from Thailand will offer a mix of therapeutic and relaxing massages specializing in pain relief.

Over the coming months, thousands of green sea turtle hatchlings emerge from their nests and scamper down the beach towards the Indian Ocean. Guests who sign up for this experience will receive a call from Isha, the turtle biologist from the Olive Ridley Project, to inform them that the nestwatch cameras have spotted a nest hatching. “So far, 11 nests have already been laid at the resort and I believe this number might triple throughout the Aqua Season,” explains Isha.

The resort’s marine biology team, the Maldives Underwater Initiative (MUI), is currently studying coral spawning to an extent never investigated before in the Maldives. As the full moon shines over Laamu this summer, guests can join the team, armed with torches and cameras, to watch on as the most abundant species of coral spawns and naturally repopulates the reef.

The MUI team is also excited to show the wonders of these marine events to budding conservationists visiting the resort. With school out for summer holidays, the Junior Marine Biology program provides children with the opportunity to experience an education not normally covered in mainstream curriculum. By focusing on outdoor and hands-on education, it offers a breath of fresh air for any little ones suffering a bit of ‘zoom-fatigue’.

From the summer swell to a wellness retreat or showing kids the wonders of marine conservation, whatever brings travelers to Laamu this summer, they will leave feeling reconnected with themselves, their loved ones and the world around them. “Since the pandemic began, we noticed guests were traveling with a greater sense of purpose,” explains Marteyne van Well, General Manager of Six Senses Laamu. “So, we have incorporated new experiences to help facilitate this journey, such as our rituals, which are guided moments of reflection and gratitude, a snorkel checklist to help guests reconnect with nature and Wellness Days in our spa for those who might need a bit of ‘me-time’.”

Just minutes away from the resort, Petrols is an intermediated break which provides the perfect conditions for those looking to progress their surf and move away from beach breaks.

Those lucky to have witnessed the turtles hatching and journey back home have called the experience life-changing.

The Maldives Underwater Initiative (MUI) team look on as a coral releases egg bundles in a spawning event earlier this year, due to happen again this Aqua Season