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Nana Princess Announces a New Spa Menu at The Royal Wellness Club

Nana Princess Announces a New Spa Menu at The Royal Wellness Club

Jacob Samuel
Nana Princess

One of the biggest resorts in Greece, Nana Princess has launched a new Spa Menu at The Royal Wellness Club

The Royal Wellness Club at five-star beachfront hotel Nana Princess, Crete, is offering spa treatments based on guests’ zodiac signs, ensuring they receive a pampering perfectly suited to their internal intricacies and complexities. Following Nana Princess’ successful reopening, the Star Sign Spa Menu will treat everyone from Aquarius to Virgo to a comprehensive wellness experience tailored just to them, the perfect antidote to a lengthy lockdown.

During the last months in the lockdown, the expert team at The Royal Wellness Club have been busy creating a spa getaway that goes one step further than the usual indulgence, offering treatments and packages that nurture the spiritual elements of the body and mind, and promote connection and reflection. The Star Sign Spa menu incorporates some of the Royal Wellness Club’s most popular and innovative treatments, including Mediterranean Candlelight, Chocolate Temptation, and Ariadne’s Signature. Nana Princess is carefully assigning each of these to its relevant star sign to introduce a brand-new wellness experience and the first of its kind in Crete. 

Nana Princess

Upon booking, guests will be asked their zodiac sign and will then be given suggestions for their most suited treatments, based on the widely believed constitutions of each zodiac sign. Examples include:

  • Aries – Known for having busy minds filled with ideas and thoughts, causing them to carry stress in their head area. Suggested treatments: Head massages and treatments focused on the temple area will help relieve tension. Body treatments such as Icy Pleasure, which includes a head massage using five nourishing oils (baobab, patawa, birch, soya and sesame) will also aid restoration. 
  • Cancer – Often holds tension in the stomach area. Suggested treatments: Lymphatic massages and acupuncture to help remove toxins and stress from the body. A Mediterranean Candlelight Massage will help calm the body. Treatments would be complemented with herbal tea to aid healing in the stomach. 
  • Leo – Frequently builds up tension in the upper back area. Suggested treatments: Deep tissue massages and massages such as Mysterious Crete, which uses Saffron (known for its antioxidant actions) are combined with stretching movements to help relieve tension. 
  • Aquarius – Often have sensitive nervous systems which would be aided by treatments focused around rebalancing the body’s electric currents. Suggested treatments:Hand, feet and scalp focused massages, including placing hot stones on the chakras and the body’s energy centres will help relieve tension and rebalance.