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Gamer Sensei Reveals New Esports Coaching Offerings with a New Team Coaching Service

Gamer Sensei Reveals New Esports Coaching Offerings with a New Team Coaching Service

Gamer Sensei

Premier esports coaching platform Gamer Sensei Announces New Team Coaching Service Designed With leading talent

Gamer Sensei expand its acclaimed esports training and curriculum for aspiring pros and seasoned veterans alike, alongside several key enhancements to the Gamer Sensei website. Designed in collaboration with the world-renowned coaches that form Gamer Sensei’s leading talent, Team Coaching was created in direct response to user feedback to address the needs of a rapidly growing amateur esports scene.

Team Coaching has arisen out of specific requests for coaches to train and work directly with fully-rostered teams. Team Coaching focuses on the complex strategies needed to succeed in group settings vs. playing alone, with its own curriculum that addresses the different dynamics that emerge in tournaments and similar environments.

As with all its products, Gamer Sensei Team Coaching coursework was built with all players in mind. Whether your team wants to conquer pubs, triumph at a local tournament, start the journey to becoming Pros, or polish their skills to the finest shine, Team Coaching lets you level up together.

Alongside Team Coaching, the Gamer Sensei site and its core training have also been upgraded. Booking a coach has never been easier thanks to a streamlined scheduling process and video conferencing that’s now directly built-in to the Gamer Sensei website, while the price of skills assessment has dropped to a new low flat rate. To ensure the highest quality of services, Gamer Sensei now also offers career development for new coaches, from onboarding and beyond – assisting them in their own personal journeys and building an unparalleled community of esports educators.

Team Coaching is available immediately at Pricing varies based on the level of coach, game, and type of service purchased.

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