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Nereus London: The Perfect Luxury Beauty Products For You

Nereus London: The Perfect Luxury Beauty Products For You

Nereus Londo

Nereus London is the new shampoos, conditioners, and body care products you need for your skincare.

Frustrated by the lack of natural products that actually performed and reimagining a plastic-free future for the high-end beauty industry, founders James Inglesby and Diana Ziegler set out to create products that were effective and luxurious, but without the plastic impact.

Nereus has created a range of deluxe shampoos, conditioners and body care products, packed with potent, ethically sourced ingredients and 100% natural, Organic fragrances such as Pink Pepper, Fresh Ginger and Ylang Ylang. All products are encased in fully recyclable, plastic-free black aluminium bottles that are as stylish as they are sustainable.

The idea of Nereus was born from an incredible sunset that founder James witnessed over the Zambezi river in Africa. The invigorating fusion of 100% natural oils and scents each have their own unique international inspiration, meaning you’ll be transported to far-off locations with each pamper session. Travel to the citrus groves of the Italian Riviera with organic Italian Bergamot, or trek to the rugged Australian outback with Australian Buddha Wood’s aroma of smoke and rose.

Nereus London

Nereus is as committed to being plastic-free as they are to the scent and efficacy of their products, and the range was consciously designed with both the customer and environment in mind. As well as using alternatives to single-use plastics in all of their packaging, Nereus has formed a partnership with Plastic Bank, a social enterprise working to create a circular plastic economy and aiding countries worst hit by the plastic crisis. Through this partnership and with their plastic-free packaging, Nereus is disrupting the luxury beauty industry by giving its customers the chance to make a better choice with their purchases.

Black bottles made from 100% recyclable BPA free aluminium Labels are plastic free and biodegradable, produced from wood pulp Products made locally in Britain using unfiltered freshwater from Yorkshire For every Nereus product purchased, 1kg of ocean-bound plastic will be recovered from the areas worst affected by the plastic crisis.