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Valentine’s day with ethical and sustainable fine jewelry brand MAKAL

Valentine’s day with ethical and sustainable fine jewelry brand MAKAL


Valentines days is coming, find the perfect gift for your loved ones with gifts from jewelry brand MAKAL

Choose from the delicate to the art-deco, across rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces all highlighting the natural beauty of the raw gold nugget. 

MAKAL’s founder spent 15 years establishing the worlds first ethical gold mine through the family business, before launching MAKAL in 2018. The result? An offering of fine jewellery that’s as consciously created as it is gorgeous. 

Makal’s focus is to promote three positive influences:  
-First, small-scale artisanal extraction of materials and jewellery manufacturing to help local artisans become successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

-Second, the empowerment and protection of women in these roles; helping them to become licensed and trained to run successful businesses, particularly in Kenya’s mines via The Impact Facility.

-Third, the positive role of mail-to-order and bespoke commissions rather than mass production and stockpiling. 

Cosmos Ring / MAKAL

MAKAL believes beautiful and individualistic jewellery can be created hand in hand with caring for people, communities and the environment.

See below for standout picks and gifting ideas, including a pair of cufflinks for their favourite shirt.