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Anna Akana Reveals New Stunning Single ‘Run’

Anna Akana Reveals New Stunning Single ‘Run’

Anna Akana

Hot on heels with her latest release ‘Pink’, Anna Akana returns with new single ‘Run’ from her forthcoming EP ‘No Longer Yours

Anna Akana took an unapologetic and uncompromising look at all the battles she’s faced throughout her life, examined through the rawness and heartbreak of a toxic relationship that was still fresh on her mind. Fast forward a year – one marked by the clarity of sobriety – and she returns with her anticipated follow-up, No Longer Yours.

Anna shares about the upcoming EP, “This EP is about the process of assembling the broken pieces and stitching them back together. It’s about the moment you finally see the person who used to make you nauseous and realize it doesn’t sting so much anymore. I had so much clarity about the things that weren’t working for me, what I had to let go of, and how I wanted to shape my life moving forward with more self-awareness about what was within my grasp to change.

Up the ante on No Longer Yours, at once expanding and improving their pop sensibilities while creating a more succinct record than its predecessor. Always one to use her own life experience to lead by example, Akana has again proven her ability to create high energy, addictive pop records full of inspiration and courage.