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Grace Sanders Delivers a 2 New Singles ‘Anymore’ & ‘Nothing’

Grace Sanders Delivers a 2 New Singles ‘Anymore’ & ‘Nothing’

Grace Sanders

The new single ‘Anymore’ wastes no time as vibrating synths, thumping beats, and gritty basslines overwhelm the senses. The elegant composure in Grace’s vocal delivery completely captures and controls as submerged synth layers bubble towards the surface.

With an industrial electro-pop darkness that belongs in an exclusive underground rave, the chorus erupts in a thrilling frenzy of throbbing sound and pulsing power.

Grace Sanders has been on the move, joining Great Gable on their massive National Tour, presented by Triple J, Across The Road and Select Music, continuing until June.

Sanders’ busy schedule hasn’t stopped the Niche Productionssigned artist from crafting her eclectic blend of electro-pop, psych, and soul however, as she uncovers new single ‘Anymore’ in all of its pulsing, blood-bubbling, hyper-pop brilliance.

Grace continues to demonstrate her vocal abilities, reaching a delicate height in the bridge before reclaiming their deep intoxicating drama as further synth-pop layers are explored in their shining grit. Unrelenting from start to finish, catching your breath isn’t an option as Sanders provides a new sonic experience to explore at every twist and turn.

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Grace Sanders – anymore

On the flip side, ‘Nothing’ provides an entrancing reprieve from the addictive chaos of ‘Anymore’. Taking a reverb-filled, psychedelic approach to electro-pop, this track features unhurried vocoder affected vocals, decadent synths and strong basslines that are more inducive to a closed-eye trance experience than its A-Side companion.

Grace Sanders says: “‘Anymore’ came out of a place of deep, existential frustration; in my work, in my art, in my disposition and in my relationships. I was walking home from work during one of those ‘slogging it’ periods where I was grinding as many hours as I could to save up some cash and I was hitting my point of burnout. 

‘Nothing’ came out of a place of mourning for expectations that can never be met, and the kind of emptiness that comes with reconciling your intentions with the reality of the outcomes.”

Wielding her lyrical prowess to bring a refreshing twist to what can be taken as modern break-up songs, Grace Sanders hits on the realisation of reaching a breakpoint in ‘Anymore’, followed by the introspective poetry of ‘Nothing’

Don’t waste any more time… Grace Sanders’ new singles ‘Anymore’ and ‘Nothing’ are out on March 25, and you can catch her on the Great Gable National Tour from now until June.