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Mallory Merk Takes Us on a Ride in New Single “evol”

Mallory Merk Takes Us on a Ride in New Single “evol”

Mallory Merk

Rising pop star Mallory Merk kicks off with an impressive new single “evol” featured along with a lyric video via Warner Records

In her new single “evol,” she offers an incisive critique of modern romance over chiming guitars and chattering drums. “evol”is the latest moving preview of Merk’s forthcoming EP, due out later this summer on Warner Records, and it also arrives alongside a lyric video.

The dreamy track showcases the full spectrum of Merk‘s voice, with her pleading upper register highlighting the tumult under the song’s breezy exterior. “evol” opens up on its plaintive chorus, during which Mallory sighs, “I don’t really want to write another love song / Just to get played by the ones who only get played on.” Affecting and honest, the song shows off the sort of open, reflective songwriter Merk has become.

She says, “‘evol’is the word ‘love’ backwards,” Merk explains. “This song is about feeling that you might be falling in love with somebody when you meet them, but it doesn’t seem real because it’s too fast, and you’re thinking about them too much, and it’s distracting you and everything you do. Like, ‘This seems so corny, and I’m trying too hard for this love. Maybe it’s not the best for me.'”

“evol” is the latest song in Merk’s catalog — which includes the sunny, compassionate “Sinister” and the melancholic “Just Because” — to examine the human condition up-close from her singular perspective. “There aren’t really love songs for people who know that true love is pain and feeling lonely — and all those things are what makes love strong when you do find it,” she notes. That kind of honest wisdom is why she has quickly become one of alt-pop’s brightest young stars, and why her forthcoming EP will be a guaranteed must-listen upon release.