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SAMI Reveals a New Powerful Single “Mastering Disaster”

SAMI Reveals a New Powerful Single “Mastering Disaster”


Rising sultry-dark-pop star SAMI is back with a new magnificent single “Mastering Disaster

The new single “Mastering Disaster” from SAMI is about the human tendency to compare ourselves to others.

Sami shares about the release, “I wrote this song last year during the pandemic after connecting with the producer, David Watson, on a singing app called Voisey. My manager at Story Music Records loved the song and we all decided to turn it into a single..”

“Mastering Disaster” is focusing on the social media problem to compare ourselves to others. as Sami says from her experience “My own bad habit of paying too much attention to other singers on social media was the biggest inspiration”

The new single “Mastering Disaster” follows SAMI’s latest releases such as “Am I Your Nightmare?”, “Careful Now”.

PLAX adds, “It’s my third official release and one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on so far. It’s short and sweet and a perfect late-summer song. Per my synesthesia, this song is very yellow, vintage, and playful. I used my synesthesia to guide the visual style, using yellow as my dominant color and blues to compliment it. You’ll see the same style in the music video which relies on humor to portray the story of the song. I hope everyone enjoys it!”

“Mastering Disaster ” is now available on all music streaming platforms such as YouTubeSpotify, and Apple Music