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Small Words Reveals a New Single “Danger”

Small Words Reveals a New Single “Danger”

Small Words

Arriving with a brand new commercial pop rock track, four-piece band Small Words will blow you away with their euphoric bop ‘Danger’. With a sound that takes influence from the likes of The 1975 and The Band Camino, Small Words deliver a feel-good and chart worthy brand that is perfect for easy listening. The mood boosting single lyrically delves into the bittersweet nature of relationships, as indie-style vocals glide on top of blissful guitar riffs and pulsing percussion.

Speaking on the new track, Small Words reveal: “Danger is about catching feelings for someone when you know you’re not in a good mental place for a relationship. Having this fear of letting them down, or yourself, but still having this rose-colored memory of relationships. Like a car crash, that could’ve ended your life but didn’t. There’s this intimate, and brutal destruction that you crave.”

Small Words is a propulsive 4-piece pop-rock band out of Indianapolis. With 2020, and 2021 behind us, the world needs music and art more than ever, to remind us all that we aren’t fighting our battles on our own. The quartet spent all of this last year in the studio writing, and perfecting their upcoming full length album.