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Stacey Dineen Kicks Off 2022 With a New Single “Ghost Of You”

Stacey Dineen Kicks Off 2022 With a New Single “Ghost Of You”

Stacey Dineen

Her warm distinctive tones are delivered over anthemic choruses and sleek production, and the result is one infectious pop gem.

Her soaring vocals completely envelope the listener in her all-too-relatable tale of love and heartbreak. This is a breakup song, pure and simple. The lyrics speak to the feeling of lingering on to the last fragments of a relationship, and the sincerity of her words cut through on a deeply personal level.

Stacey originally rose to prominence as a plus size model and body positivity advocate on TV. Shying away from the label of influencer-turned-singer however, she has always aspired to be a singer first and foremost. Stacey is inspired by artists such as Mimi Webb and Adele, who she feels stay true to themselves with their music. That sense of honesty and relatability is crucial for Stacey in her songwriting, and it’s safe to say she’s found her own spark now

‘Ghost of You’ is a striking effort; a raw, upbeat track with a powerful delivery. Stacey has a voice sure to stop you dead in your tracks and the songwriting ability to match. She writes all her songs in her bedroom and records in locations across Ireland, London and Los Angeles. Her poise of the girl next door is accompanied with the stellar vocals akin to a veteran pop star and, based on this debut release, her potential feels limitless. ‘Ghost of You’ is a must-listen from this intriguing new artist.

In the artist’s own words on her music – “I could say I hate having my heart broken but without the heartbreak I wouldn’t have the music.”