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Tom Pointer Drops a New Single “Too Much Too Soon”

Tom Pointer Drops a New Single “Too Much Too Soon”

Tom Pointer

Tom Pointer is on top form with his new offering ‘Too Much Too Soon’. Produced to perfection with shuffling, stripped down grooves and bouncing drum ticks, Tom’s soulful, soaring vocals ooze passion, delivering jazz-infused melodies and lyrics that explore the overthinking of body language early on in a relationship. Reverberated, atmospheric guitar riffs give the track an expansive sonic realm with a laidback overtone that’ll keep you coming back for more.

‘Too Much Too Soon’ is the first single of 2, part of a 4-track EP to be released in 2022.

Talking about the new track, Tom Pointer shares: “The song was inspired by body language. The small unique mannerisms that slowly become someone’s personal trademark. They can bring us closer together, push us apart or create attraction. 

The track was produced by edbl (Ed Black) in his Brixton home studio. I met him on social media when he released a humble beat challenge and I replied with a voice memo and a home recording of the first verse. We began chatting and decided to put together a few demos over a video call. 2 months later, we met in person and in 2 inspiring recording days, we polished 4 tracks. 

My love for simplicity and Ed’s passion for beats and surprising rhythm created an effortless groove that neither rushes or holds back the listener. The combination of vocally laid-back verses and choruses full of desperation, present a journey and a window into 2 different sides of the narrative.”

Growing up in Southampton, Tom prides himself on his live performances, as his distinctive soulful tone, honest lyrics and vibrant pop melodies led to attention on the London scene and also that of producer Lewi White. His first UK tour followed in Spring 2017 ending by supporting Tinie Tempah at Coventry Cathedral. The summer saw him travel West to festivals Camper Calling and The Big Feastival, all in the lead up to the release of his debut single. His first release caught the attention of New Music Friday Germany, Switzerland & Austria, BBC Introducing and BBC Radio London and led to two sold-out headline shows at the Servant Jazz Quarters and The Slaughtered Lamb. Tom went on to play a run of solo shows in Tokyo and Madrid and returned to London with a live show packed with freedom and intimacy earning him a reputation as an essential artist to see.