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Bktherula Delivers New Stunning Single “Not Wock”

Bktherula Delivers New Stunning Single “Not Wock”


Rap music star on the rise Bktherula is back with a new magnificent single “Not Wock” featured along with an official video

The new single “Not Wock” showcases Bk’s unparalleled energy and charismatic charm as she spits self-assured mantras over futuristic production. At just under two minutes, “Not Wock” is an addictive invitation into Bk’s world.

In 2020, she released two full-length projects, including her acclaimed mixtape Nirvana, with standout track “okok/depressing,” and the shimmering Love Santana. The latter earned over a million streams and plenty of attention.

The new single “Not Wock” showcases Bk’s feathery rapping style and razor-sharp one-liners. “I walk in the club and your hoe starts blushing” she quips. The track finds Bk coming into her own, more confident and increasingly brazen. She’s paving her own path and is vocal about the lessons she learned along the way: “I don’t know how I got money /I guess you could say I attract it.” Pulsating drums and otherworldly synths swirl together into a kaleidoscopic soundscape.

All of this careful work has resulted in a wave of support, from both open-minded listeners and critics. With singles like “Not Wock” out in the world and more visionary work coming, she’s sure to have even more fans at her back soon.