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Valley Exposed a New Fantastic Single“SOCIETY”

Valley Exposed a New Fantastic Single“SOCIETY”


Rising pop band Valley returns with their brand new stunning single “SOCIETY” via Capitol Records and Universal Music Canada

Valley share their new song “SOCIETY” with new label partner Capitol Records and Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. Valley – comprised of Rob Laska, Karah James, Mickey Brandolino and Alex DiMauro – have spent the past two years developing organic buzz through a personal and intimate connection with their fans.

The new single “SOCIETY” hinges on a hummable clean guitar riff, its head-bopping beat thumps in the background as Valley gleefully nod to “You Get What You Give” by The New Radicals and “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus. Laska comments, “To us, both those songs have such an uplifting chorus but lyrically deal with some frustration with the world / pop culture and just not letting it get you down.

They both lyrically touch on not following the rules just because you’re told to. Trusting your own beliefs and making your own decisions.” If TikTok happened in ’98, it might sound like this, underpinned by dancefloor-ready piano, the track rides this momentum towards the sweeping and shimmering hook. On the song’s meaning, Laska explains, “’SOCIETY’ tells a story of how our career can sometimes feel. We exist within an ever-changing creative industry full of opinions and music machines making everything go round.

At times, what you truly have to say as an artist can feel diminished or not as important when it comes to the context of making a product or something that people will label as sellable and listenable. At the end of the day, SOCIETY is Valley accepting the terms and conditions of our identity, songs and career, the fact that we’ll never be able to please everyone but also coming to terms that no matter what the public considers to be a “hit”, we tell ourselves we’re always going to follow our own artistic arrow.”

Valley - Society
Valley – Society

In only a few short days, the TikTok had over 700,000 views and over 100,000 likes with Johnny Orlando and JESSIA posting duets of the song on their own accounts. Valley rushed to finish “Like 1999” in under 48 hours for fans and the song went on to inspire thousands of creates and eclipse over 100 million streams while breaking boarders, appearing on viral charts in the U.S., Philippines, Korea, Japan and more.

After an unprecedented year for live music, Valley are excited to reconnect with their fans to perform across North America. The band are gearing up to play Wunderbus Festival in Columbus, OH and Bottlerock Festival in Napa Valley, CA at the end of the summer and then joining COIN on a 17-date North American tour this fall including a show in Vancouver, BC. See full list of tour dates below, tickets available on Valley’s website.