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Four-morning habits for a better you

Four-morning habits for a better you

COMO Shambhala

How to build into a morning routine at home? Here are Four-morning habits for a better you

COMO Shambhala has launched a series of inspirations and learnings to uplift, energise and motivate a wellness-inspired start to the year.

From therapy-based learning experiences in the Maldives, educational wellness brunches in Phuket that begin with a sound-healing session and close with a topical conversation around nutrition, COMO Shambhala holds the key to fully adopting wellness this year. COMO Shambhala also announces the launch of ‘Shambhala Arise’ – the chance to join a complimentary yoga and meditation class at all resorts world-wide, and a little something for the here and now – four new, energising habits to build into a morning routine at home.

COMO Shambhala
COMO Shambhala

Four morning habits for a better you by COMO Shambhala’s High-Performance Coach, Lee Evans.

1. Golden Hour
Change your habit so that you spend time without screens in the first hour upon waking, and the hour before you go to bed. The overstimulation of constant messages, emails, notifications, and media on our phones puts us in a reactionary mode that prioritises ourselves last.

2. Focus inward
With so many new technologies, it’s easy to forget the power of pen and paper. In the new-found hour you spend away from your devices, take a beat to appreciate the progress you’ve made, to consider what you’re struggling with in life and also acknowledge what you cannot control.

3. Drink Up
Reflection optimises the mind, but your body needs conscious optimising too. An easy step to take is focusing on your hydration when the day is still young, and tasks haven’t begun to distract you.

4. Move it
Not everyone is a morning workout person, but any type of movement is beneficial after long periods of inactivity; whether that’s stretching, dancing or anything in between. It gets the blood flowing and wraps up your morning with a sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be a full-on routine, but remember that you just woke up, so don’t skip the warm-up.