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ABIR Goes For New Hot Official Video For ‘Yacht’

ABIR Goes For New Hot Official Video For ‘Yacht’


Moroccan-American rising pop star ABIR returns today with her brand new official video for ‘Yacht’

The new official video for “Yacht,” was directed by Shahana Khan is another incredible showcase of her ability to infuse modern pop and R&B with the extraordinary sounds of her native country Morocco.

ABIR Shares, One of my main goals when writing a record about love/relationships is to tell my story in a way that will empower me and those listening,” notes ABIR. “I’m not singing about being hurt just to be hurt. Something great must come from it. This record was my way of using pain as my ultimate power, and my emotions and cathartic experiences as a weapon. If I’m gonna get my heart broken, we’re crying to the bank!”

In her EP HEAT, ABIR brought forth her brand of Arab-Pop, bridging her two worlds for reasons that extend far beyond simply music. Created in partnership with 2x GRAMMY® Award-nominee Mick Schultz (Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson), the EP is rich with lavish string work, complex rhythms, and commanding melodies, often sculpted with traditional North African instruments.

ABIR Adds,The last year has been such a transitional time as far as really owning my identity,” ABIR says, “and that allowed me to get to the point of making the music I always wanted to make – something that challenges people’s perceptions of what it means to be an Arab woman in the modern world.

The amazingly-titled ‘Young & Rude’ (is) an instantly anthemic pop song about letting your hair down and living in the moment. Those themes are conveyed perfectly in the video.”

HEAT represents the culmination of years of growth and self-discovery for ABIR, a remarkable journey that extends to a blossoming new connection with the meaning of her name, an Arabic word (عبير) that translates as “fragrance of a flower.”